Our Local Commitment - Carillon

Our Local Commitment

Our Commitment to Local, Small, & Minority Business Enterprises

RPAI is committed to creating and maintaining a world-class Supplier Diversity Program and providing qualified and certified businesses equal access to procurement and economic development opportunities.

We believe that diverse suppliers in our communities bring innovative solutions and become key partners in the facilitation and implementation of a prosperous economy. Diverse suppliers are an essential element to RPAI’s strategy and enhance the communities we develop and manage. The benefits that diverse suppliers provide in the form of innovation, cost savings, quality, integrity, and community growth results in best of class assets and services.

RPAI is exceptionally proud to participate in the dynamic economic development and growth in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Carillon is an amenity-rich, walkable, mixed-use development, that will spur growth throughout central Prince George’s County. The center will provide the County with retail, restaurants, entertainment, residential, and commercial space and bring economic value benefitting the County.

RPAI is excited to be working with the County in a collaborative effort to provide procurement and economic development opportunities for County-Based Businesses (CBBs), County-Based Minority Business Enterprises (CMBEs), County-Based Small Businesses (CBSBs), and Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) on the Carillon project. RPAI is committed to creating an environment where CBBs, CMBEs, CBSBs, and MBEs can and will contribute to the furtherance of the economic development in the County.

If you qualify as a certified CBBs, CMBEs, CBSBs, or MBEs that provides construction-related goods, services or other industry-related businesses, and are interested in conducting business with RPAI, please contact us today.

Upon completing the registration form, please email the completed document to Roland L. Jones.

Supplier Inclusion Statement

RPAI pursues diversity in every aspect of the business and embraces opportunities to work with a diverse supplier and vendor base. Our commitment to supplier inclusion combines the diversity of our partners and vendors to enhance innovation and create sustainable, successful, and mutually beneficial relationships. Diversity and inclusion ultimately deliver best-in-class retail centers that strengthen, serve, and support the communities where we work, live, and play.

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